Half Group Task (HGT) at SSB Interview


Conduct of Half Group Task (HGT) at SSB Interview

At SSB Interview this task is given to the half group and so it is named as half group task to give chance again to candidate mainly those who could not display their talent during the progressive group task. This is the division of the original group or progressive group task. The Half Group Task (HGT) at SSB Interview generally consists of 5-6 candidates. Each candidate here gets better opportunity to demonstrate his caliber.

The GTO too gets opportunity to get closer and more detailed assessment about the performance of the candidate. In this task the time allowed is 10 to 15 minutes. The rules governing Half Group Task (HGT) are same as that of progressive Group Task in SSB Interview.
Half Group Task

The candidates have to carry some load along with them by crossing obstacles with the help of materials provided to them. They have to start from the starting line and reach the finishing line within the time allowed to them without touching the ground and out of bound obstacles/structures.

    Men – 5
Material –
  1. Plank  8’ X 8” X ½”
  2. Rope 16’
  3.  Rope 6’
  4.  Radio with handle

  1. Beam of 10’ height
  2.  Fixed platform A
  3.  Hanging truck tyres
  4.  Cement platform B
  5.  RCC reservoir full of water. Out of bounds for men and material.


Requirement of Half Group Task (HGT)

All men, material and load have to move from starting point and reach up to the finishing point within the time allowed without touching the ground and out of bound structures.

Solution of  Half Group Task (HGT)

The first men will put 16’ rope over the beam and take both ends of rope in his hands. He will swing to platform ‘A’ and release the rope.
Similarly three more will go there. The last men will send plank and also the radio one by one after fastening the rope 6’ and by giving a swing gently. After getting the plank and also the radio set they will release the hanging rope and give to the last man who will go to platform ‘A’ by giving a swing to the rope and he will pull the hanging rope to his side. Now a bridge with the help of the plank and the hanging Tyre. The end of plank is to put in Tyre and fastened with the 6’ rope to make that end firm.  All four persons will be moved to platform ‘B’ also along with the radio set and materials.
The last man will walk over up to Tyre ,untie the head of the plank , go back to platform ‘A’ and hand over the plank and hanging swing to platform ‘B’ with the help of Tyre. Thereafter plank will be placed from platform ‘B’ to the reservoir. All will move towards reservoir also along with the material and load. The reservoir is 5’ wide and full of water. Since the water is out of bounds there is need to increase the height at spot so that while crossing the reservoir plank will not touch the water. That increase in height will be done by placing the ropes with loop and slant to the other end of the reservoir. All the men will cross the reservoir also with material and load.
Crossing the Finish Line
For last man same thing will be carried out from the finishing end. After he crosses the reservoir the plank is also pulled over to the finishing line. Here the task is completed successfully by candidates of the half group.
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