How to Face Personal Interview in SSB ?


How to Face personal Interview in SSB ?

The Interview Technique is the oldest and most comprehensive technique involved in selection of personnel for any profession, anywhere in the world. Personal Interview is one of the observational techniques used in the selection procedure at the SSB’s. Briefly, the interview technique consists of establishing an effective two way communication process between the Interviewing Officer (IO) and interviewee for transfer of information. The communication is relevant to the situation and the purpose of the interview. In this situation, the two people interact freely and establish contact or ‘rapport’ with one another.
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The interviewee is encouraged to take progressively larger part and has to do the maximum of the talking process. The Interviewing Officer tries to estimate the individual’s planning and organizing ability, his ability to communicate ideas clearly, his ability to work with others in a group, his level of emotional stability to tolerate stressful situations and finally, his potential growth mainly through careful probing into his past development history.

The Interview Technique is a predictive test, based on assumptions and inferences. It takes advantage of the development history of the individual as well as his spot performance. Looking at these two aspects simultaneously, interviewing officer collects critical data, makes logical predictions about the future behavioral pattern of the individual to check his awareness about things around him.

During the interview, the Interviewing Officer (I.O) keeps a close watch on the facial expressions and body language of the individual, which provides critical supplementary information to assess a personality and evaluate his suitability for the job.
Basic Conduct of the Interview Technique Though, not necessary that the Interviewing Officer will go for the same order, but more or less, it is grounded upon the following lines.
Creating Environment by Rapport Building:
The first thing that the I.O does is, creating a right environment and atmosphere which is absolutely essential for an interview. The experimental session are made to be as life-like as possible.
Rapid Fire:
A series or a bunch of questions either 10 to 15 or 20 depending upon your intellectual level is fired or posed on you based on your PIQ. Most commonly, it includes family and educational background, sports and extra-curricular background and likewise.
It is established that the daily routine shapes one’s personality. For certain people, the daily routine may not be the same. It varies from person to person.
Personal Achievements:
The achievements of the individual, be it in any field like education, sports, extracurricular activities, or anything else that the person would like to mention. This would reveal his level of aspiration and motivation.
Hobbies, Interests and Likings:
What sort of hobbies does one pursue, what type of people, food, friends, places, and books does he like. Who are his role models, favorite actors, personalities etc are all asked.
Organizational Abilities:
Based on the PIQ and your achievements in a game or event, the I.O may ask you to organize a match or tournament to see your will and skill to perform and organize.
Current Affairs:
The happenings around the world and the person’s opinion to it are probed. This will show a general awareness of the surroundings and the will to increase one’s knowledge and G.K.
Family Support:
Our family is said to be our first school. For a child, a supporting family structure is equally important, since the satisfaction of the all the child’s need depends upon it. It all starts with the mother, from whom the child is emotionally programmed till the age of seven.
Oedipus Complex:
It is a natural fact that, boys tend to be like their mother, seeking emotional incline while girls tend to be like their father, seeking action incline. Often it is asked “Who are you closer to, mother or father?”
As the child grows, the support from the family is lessened. And this is the stage, where the child also begins to become independent. He is also expected to walk unaided, dress and feed himself without assistance. Thus, ‘growing-up’ involves a graded series of removals of support.
Friends and Companionship: 
There is no description necessary to know how important our friends and social groups mean to us. They play a non-compromising role in developing a person’s personality.
Respect for the authority, the desire to please parents and elders, the readiness to co-operate and comply, sympathetic, generous and helpful attitudes of a person is understood through his conversation.
Respect and obedience to an allied authority may be classified here, the emphasis being upon an eager and trusting discipleship. Role-models emerge out of a person’s admiration for a real life hero.
Competition and Team Spirit:
The willingness to perform in competitions and the untameable spirit of being in a team is looked upon in an individual’s talk.
Re-striving Efforts:
The effort to achieve something after failure or humiliation, the attempts to replace failure by success, to prove what one can do, is grouped here. To accept mistakes and blame, learning from them and avoiding their repetition is all that matters.
The will to power over other people, ordering, insisting, persuading or suggesting others to work for him. The attempt to control others, manage an undertaking, to shoulder a responsibility willingly, to give and receive ideas from others comes under the leadership attribute of a person.
Achievements and Recognition:
The achievements in any field be it in cultural or sports, Scouts or N.C.C, education or any other areas, are sought from the person.
Persistence and Intensity:
It is what, we call in everyday language as power, force, zest, enthusiasm, conviction and emphasis. It is the tendency to ‘keep at’ something until it is finished.
Reason why you are here:
The million dollar question arises “Why do you want to join the Armed Forces?” Whatever be your opinion, it is expected from the bottom of your heart and should not to be a stereo-typed or borrowed one.
Insight and Intuition:
The self-realization of strengths and weaknesses, acceptance along with the will to improve weaknesses and most importantly admitting it without hesitation. A person with intuition and insight is also considered most trainable and mouldable.
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  • […] Sometimes to check your qualities IO might fire up some Situations, to you and will keep cross questioning you till he satisfies regarding your personality. . For example he might say that you have to cross a river what will you do? Let’s say you answered I will swim across the river, then IO will say let’s assume that you don’t know swimming what will you do then?  At this point do not say that I know swimming. How can I ignore it as the IO is looking for some more ideas from you, so give him any other idea to cross the river.   You will be made to wait in a room which will be having some pictures/photos and magazines before you proceed for your interview. Sometimes IO asks you questions related to that room so you must also make yourself familiar with that also. Click here to download personal interview question 1) Personal Interview Question   Also Read:      1) The Group Testing Technique 2) The Psychological Testing 3) Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) 4) The Screening Procedure 5) Understanding Personal Interviews in SSB […]


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