India’s Paratroopers : Earning the Badge


India’s Paratroopers : Earning the Badge

On India’s 70th Independence Day, the television channel Discovery India has launched a new show on how India’s paratroopers are made. The India’s Paratroopers earning the badge trailer is meant to inspire awe about the prowess of the men who go through an intense six months of gruelling probation to make the cut. On the occasion of India’s 70th Independence Day, Discovery Channel’s exclusive INDIA’S PARATROOPERS EARNING THE BADGE will give viewers a rare peek into how paratroopers in India are made and also the Indian Army’s training academy to reveal the intense training programs these soldiers undergo to perform unconventional warfare roles.

India's Paratroopers Earning The Badge Part 1

Preparing for the unpredictable world of covert operations, counter terrorism, front line combat and law enforcement, only the fastest, strongest and smartest survive.

This show we have divided in to three parts as below:

1) India’s Paratroopers Earning the Badge – Part 1

Usually only 10% make the cut, making this one of the toughest military selection courses in the world. These soldiers come from all parts of the country, with varied backgrounds but one burning ambition. Their average age is only 22 years. The crew followed these volunteers through the rigours of their probation including a 36 hour stress phase where they were deprived of sleep and 100 km endurance run.This is the story of what it takes to become a part of an Indian Paratrooper Special Forces Unit. These men will go to hell and back, but only the best will earn the Beret and their Badge of Honour.

2) India’s Paratroopers Earning the Badge – Part 2

Discovery Channel’s paratroopers documentary india puts the audience through the toughest training of the Indian Army. The ‘Paratrooper Special Forces Operatives’ are amongst the sharpest and the deadliest soldiers who have earned an enviable niche in the Army. An average 10 per cent of the volunteers make it to this elite group, classifying it as one of the toughest military selection courses in the world.

3) India’s Paratroopers Earning the Badge – Part 3

Bonded by their heroic commitment, the probationers transition through an extreme selection process and a rigorous training regime. Not tasks for the fainthearted, the recruits are put through a series of punishing physical and mental routines including wading through chilling waters, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, uphill and downhill speed march, and the ultimate non-stop 100 KM endurance run. Focusing heavily on physical fitness and psychological strength, the combat training encompasses specialization in weaponry, demolition, navigation, evasion, survival, communication, medical, language and unconventional warfare.

India’s Paratrooper Special Forces are the Indian Army’s premier strike force. These highly trained military elite drop behind enemy lines. Their missions are secretive and dangerous. Known today as Para SF these operatives wear the Maroon Beret and pin to their chest the Balidaan Badge. To earn this rare honour soldiers volunteer to complete a gruelling 90 day probation. They must show that they can become ghost operatives under extreme physical and mental stress.

India's Paratroopers Earning The Badge Part 12

Known as Paratrooper Special Forces, these operatives wear the Maroon Beret and pin to their chest ‘The Balidaan Badge’. To earn this distinguished honour, the volunteers complete a grueling 90 days’ probation.

India's Paratroopers Earning The Badge Part 3

Learn what it takes to meet the exceptional standards of the most specialized forces in the world.


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