Introduction of Services Selection Board (SSB)

An Introduction of Services Selection Board (SSB) 

Selecting right people for the jobs and placing them in right roles plays an important role in determining, whether they are giving their best to the organization. The methods of selection have fluctuated from brisk and arbitrary to elaborate and intricate. Through proper selection of the new entrants, it is possible to build a desirable culture and desirable norms in the organization in the Armed Forces.
 A proper Selection System helps to achieve –
1)  A feeling of satisfaction amongst the employees, that their capabilities are being utilized by the organization and they are not wasting their talents. This feeling is likely to raise the morale of the employees and may result in higher ends of commitment and productivity.
2)  Supplying the right people to the organization.

One wrong person selected for a given job can cause a host of problems in an organization. Therefore, an organization should ensure that suitable people are recruited, even if it involves some investment. There is a difference between the selection system between the corporate / private enterprise and the Armed Forces. The selection at the entry level in the private world is done on ‘as required basis ’ and has the  best fit’ philosophy, meaning that the best of the lot is selected. The Armed Forces has a ‘right fit’ philosophy, wherein the Selection Centers are not aware of the vacancies and they recommend aspirants for selection, whom they find fit for the services.
The process of selection varies from organization to organization. Here, at the SSB’s, the story is entirely different as far as the selection procedures are concerned. There are three techniques of assessing namely
1. Psychological Testing.
2. Interview Testing.
3. Group Testing.
The basis for operation of these three techniques can be related to a very old concept of understanding people, according to which personality of an individual can be assessed by –
a. Observing how one utilizes his Mental Faculties. (Manasa)
b. Listening to his Conversation. (Vacha)
c. Watching how he performs on the Ground. (Karmana)
Introduction of Services Selection Board ssb
Thus, precise observations of manifestations of these three aspects, namely Manasa, Vacha and Karmana provide sufficient information to assess an individual’s personality. Information / data is procured through Psychological Tests (Manasa), Interview (Vacha) and Group Testing (Karmana).
These three techniques thus present a three dimensional picture of the aspirant. And help the selection team to take the final decision.
Click here to get the detailed SSB Schedule
1) SSB’s Interview Schedule
2) Aim of Services Selection Boards (SSB’s) 
3) The Psychological Testing
4) The Group Testing Technique
5) The Screening Procedure

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