Sample PIQ form Download (SSB PIQ Form)

How to fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview?

Personal Information Questionnaire form or SSB PIQ Form is the question bank for your Personal Interview, Most of the questions asked by the Interviewing Officer will be based on your PIQ details, they might be directly or indirectly related to your SSB PIQ Form.

Now a days candidates are given 3 SSB PIQ forms. Candidate have to neatly fill all three with exactly same data in every one. Front side of the PIQ form contains items numbered from 1-7 and the Back side contains items numbered from 8-14. You have to fill your complete PIQ form if something is not related to you then you must write not applicable. Rather than leaving it blank as leaving it blank. Which shows that you didn’t understood that particular point and hence you were unable to answer it.

Click Here to download PIQ form in PDF version.

Personal Information Questionnaire form (SSB PIQ)

Sample SSB PIQ Form Page 1Sample SSB PIQ Form Page_1 SSB Centree

 Sample SSB PIQ Form Page 2

SSB PIQ Form Page_2 SSB Centree

Candidate must keep full attention while filling this form, write legible and to the point, do not overwrite and exaggerate personal information.

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