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SSB Command Task Examples

Hi Friends, this is another article about SSB Command Task Tips or Tips To Tackle Command Task in SSB Interviews. In this article we have posted an example SSB Command task videos,  that will help you to know how an Command Task in SSB looks like. And how you should prepare for an Command task in your SSB Interviews. You can watch below sample SSB Command task videos .

Conduct of the SSB Command Task (CT)

SSB Command task (CT) is a part of the confirmatory series of the Group Testing Technique in SSB Interview. It allows the GTO to focus on an individual apart from the usual group formation. The SBB Command Task (CT) is conducted on second day of the GTO series.

The whole group is seated at a distant location away from the vicinity of the testing area. Each individual is then called upon one by one and given a task. The GTO now calls the individual in any numerical order and proudly makes him the ‘Commander’. He then exchanges casual talks and pleasantries to make the aspirant feel at ease.

Short Introduction with GTO

The GTO will call you from the waiting and will have a little talk with you. Actually he is briefly interviewing you in the same way an interviewer does but his session will be very short and suddenly you will find yourself in front of a task.

Points to be kept in mind

  1. Always remember what you have told the interviewer
  2. Do not say anything against your PIQ form
  3. I will advice you not to say welcome words like good morning because you have already wished him in the morning. However if you feel its after noon you can once say Good afternoon.
  4. Always keep your hands at the back and stand in relax(Vishram postion) while answering to GTO.

In Command task you will be checked with suitability in two role.

ssb command task-ssb-interview-SSB Command task videos- SSBCENTREEYou are made as commander so be like that but don’t put your hands in pocket and just pass the orders. Your skill regarding men and material management will be judged. Make your subordinate work hard but you are also required to work; you need to work with team spirit. Cheer your subordinate and keep motivating them, praise their good work and also if you find they are not doing something accordingly then calmly point them and correct them. You must make full use of your subordinate but in a Gentleman’s way.

  •  Role as Subordinate

SSB Commnad task -SSB CENTREEAs a Subordinate you are there to assist your commander and follow his instruction, you are not required to give any advice or speak without commander’s permission. Don’t take any step without your commander’s order or against his will.

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