SSB Group Tasks | Group Tasks in SSB Interview

SSB Group Tasks or Group Tasks in SSB Interview | SSB GTO Techniques

SSB Group Tasks or Group Tasks in SSB Interview plays a very major role in getting recommendation from SSB Interview. The SSB GTO Technique is another observational technique used at the SSB’s. As opposed to testing individuals in isolation. Group testing attempts to evaluate individuals in the context of the group. And therefore, this technique determines an individual’s ability to function in a group and based upon functional capacity, ascertains his actual and potential level and assesses his suitability for the Armed Forces.

SSB GTO Technique is based on four primary principles:

a) Social Field Theory:

This theory is based on the fact that an individual interacts continuously with other members of the group in the social fields, influencing them and being influenced by them.

b) Group Development:

For natural spontaneous behavior to emerge, proper development of the group is necessary. The development of the group passes through a definite, though overlapping stages. These stages are Formation, Exploration, Co-operation and Discipline.

c) Free Association:

Each member of the group is free to participate as much as he wants and in the manner he wants to, while the GTO takes the observers role.

d) Group Dynamism:

What the GTO as an assessor seeks to observe and evaluate is called an individual candidates’ “Group Dynamism” i.e. the sum total of an individual contributions to the group and to its tasks.

The Group Testing consists of nine tasks which are a tool to assess the personality of an individual. They are:

A) Basic Series:

1) Group Discussions (GD)

2) Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

3) Progressive Group Tasks (PGT)

4) Group Obstacle Race (GOR)

B) Confirmatory Series:

1) Half Group Task (HGT)

2) Lecturette

3) Individual Obstacles (IO)

4) Command Task (CT)

C) Final Series:

1) Final Group Task (FGT)

Also keep in mind that these SSB Group Tasks are conducted on day 3 and day 4 of testing after the candidates are divided into groups. As Group Testing series are a set of outdoor tasks, the individuals are advised to warm up themselves both mentally and physically. And also bring in a rush of enthusiasm and liveliness before the start of the day.


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