Tips to perform well in Lecturette at SSB Inteview


Tips to perform well in Lecturette at SSB Inteview

In this article we will cover the Tips to perform well in Lecturette at SSB Inteview. But before going to tips let us also understand How Lecturette is conducted in SSB Interview. After that we will cover the main agenda of this article which is Tips to perform well in Lecturette at SSB Inteview or How to perform well in Lecturette at SSB Inteview ?

How Lecturette is conducted in SSB Interview?

Lecturette is one of the tests conducted in SSB Interview to judge the personality of the candidates. In the lecturette test, all candidates will be sitting in a single row according to the chest numbers allotted to them. On a table few cards will be kept. Group Testing Officer (GTO) will instruct first candidate of the group to pick up any one of the card. 

Tips to perform well in Lecturette at SSB Inteview

In the card, there will be three to four topics given for delivering lecturette. And three minutes time will be given to the candidate to prepare for giving a lecture. First candidate will come and starts delivering the lecture. After 2.5 Minutes GTO will give a single bell which will signal to Both Chest No.1 and 2 that half minute is still left and as the 3 minutes are up chest no.1 will sit in his place and 2 will start giving talk and 3 will go to prepare and the process continues till the last candidates gives his talk.

Tips to perform well in Lecturette at SSB Inteview gto lecturette

Tips to perform well in Lecturette in SSB.


1) To perform well in Lecturette Give Proper Starting

On receiving the card you must choose the topic as quickly as possible as it will give you some extra time to prepare on the topic, after selecting the topic start preparing on it. You can start your Lecturette by saying “A Good Morning to GTO sir and my dear Friends the topic for my Lecturette is …”

2)  To perform well in Lecturette Be confident while delivering lecturette

Confidence is the key factor to succeed in not only SSB interviews but also in any other competitive exams too. Starting from walking towards the desk to choose lecturette topic card to coming back to your seat after delivering the lecture, you should be confident. To look confident, you should do crisp actions with smartness. 

3) To perform well in Lecturette Acquire knowledge about frequently asked topics and burning issues in India and world

Knowledge is a real mirror of a person. One have to be knowledgeable to showcase one’s knowledge about an issue. When it comes to delivering a lecturette, knowledge plays a vital role in the success rate of a person’s lecturette delivery. Without knowledge you may not have sufficient data to speak for three minutes on the selected topic. To gain knowledge, go through various lecturette topics and also current affairs.

4) To perform well in Lecturette Maintain the body language while delivering lecturette in SSB interview

All candidates who wish to perform well in Lecturette tests of SSB should work upon their body language. While delivering the lecturette, one should not demonstrate negative or aggressive body language. We recommend that candidate delivering the lecture should make minimum body moments including hand gestures and also leg moments. One should stand erect on both legs and deliver the speech confidently.
So follow above tips to perform well in Lecturette in SSB. Don’t panic while delivering and be confident. You will definitely score good marks in lecturette if you have prepared well.

Latest Lecturette Topics

Generally Lecturette topics of SSB (Service Selection Boards) are simple in nature and a person who is bit aware of all the latest happening in world can easily pass this task. Following is the list of topics which generally comes in SSB, you can also tell us about your topics so that we can add it in the list for benefit of all. 
Lecturette Topics
  • Global Warming (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • Cricket (34 SSB Allahabad)
  • Sex Education (34 SSB Allahabad)
  • Computer in Daily Life (22 SSB)
  • Internet (33 SSB Bhopal)
  • Family Planning (33 SSB Bhopal)
  • Women Empowerment (22 SSB, Bhopal)
  • Joint Family vs Nuclear Family (22 SSB )
  • Call Center (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • International Terrorism (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • Indian Economy (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • Status of Women in India(18 SSB Allahabad/38 Tech SSC )
  • E governance(22 SSB, Bhopal/ssc(w) tech )
  • Health tourism(22 ssb, bhopal/ssc(w) tech )
  • Favorite Actress(22 ssb, bhopal/ssc(w) tech )
  • India and USA changing world(20 SSB Bhopal)
  • Criminalization in Politics(20 SSB Bhopal)
  • Smart card(20 SSB Bhopal)
  • G 8 Nations (24 SSB Bangalore)
  • E-Commerce(11 SSB Allahabad; IMA-134th Course)
  • Higher Education in India(33 SSB Bhopal)
  • Social Effects in Pornography(33 SSB Bhopal)
  • Gay Rights(34 SSB Allahabad)
  • Instant Cricket(34 SSB Allahabad)
  • Global Warming:Fact or Fiction(24 SSB Bangalore)
  • Favorite Pass time(24 SSB Bangalore)
  • Peace measures in J&K(24 SSB Bangalore)
  • Right to Information Act and its fall out (22 SSB Bhopal)
  • Privatization of Universities (24 SSB Bangalore)
  • Inflation (21 SSB Bhopal)
  • Same sex marriage(17 SSB Bangalore)
  • Valentine day(17 SSB Bangalore)
  • MANREGA (17 SSB Bangalore)
  • Pulse polio(17 SSB Bangalore)
  • Rajwardhan Rathore(17 SSB Bangalore)
  • Ecological System (12SSB Allahabad)
  • India Global Research and development Destination (12 SSB) 
  • Nano Technology (12SSB Allahabad)
  • Media and its effects (12SSB Allahabad)
  • Nano technology (18 SSB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • National Highway Authority of India (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th Course)
  • Mobile Phones (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • Energy Crisis (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • MNC’s (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • Center – State Relations (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • NSG (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • Generation Gap (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  • Water bodies (22 SSB)
  • India’s foreign trade (22 SSB)
  • Indo Pak relations- the future (22 SSB)
  • Disaster management in india (22 SSB)
  • Water resources (22 SSB)
  • Girl Child (22 SSB)
  • Health (22 SSB)
Lecturette Topics
  • Aviation industry in India (22 SSB)
  • If there were no super powers in this world(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • Use of technology in agriculture(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • United we stand,divided we fall(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • Can India become self sufficient in energy resources(4 AFSB)
  • Cyber crime(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • Sports in India(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • Role of opposition in Indian politics(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • BPO vs KPO (NSB,Coimbatore)
  • Why youth hesitate to Join defence forces (NSB,Coimbatore)
  • Indian reservation Policy (18 SSB Allahabad) 
  • Sanjay Dutt (18SSB Allahabad) 
  • IT Industry (18SSB Allahabad) 
  • Your favorite Day (18SSB Allahabad) 
  • Role of Discipline in Life (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  • Peaceful use of Nuclear Energy (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  • Globalization (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  • India’s Agricultural problem (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  • Role of Youth in Society (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  • Entry of foreign Universities in India (19 SSB Allahabad)
  • Infrastructure of India.(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Rain water harvesting.(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Favorite Cricketer.(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Ambition in life.(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Adult Education(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Indo US relations(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Beauty pageants (2 AFSB Mysore)
  • Cable TV(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Net Education(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Internet(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Terrorism in North Eastern India(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  • Doping in Sports (2 AFSB Mysore)
  • Division Of States in India (2 AFSB Mysore)
  • Role of NGO (4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • E-Market(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • My Hobby(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • Role of media(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  • Global Warning(1 AFSB DEHRADUN)
  • Human Cloning(1 AFSB DEHRADUN)
  • India as Superpower(1 AFSB DEHRADUN)
  • Discoveries that changed the World(1 AFSB DEHRADUN)
  • AIDS (22 SSB BHOPAL TGC 115)
  • NCTC(34 SSB)
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